With or Without You - Brian Farrey Review

11:00 AM

Pages: 368 (Hardcover)
Publication date: May 24th, 2011
Publisher: Simon Pulse
How I got the copy: Library

Rating:  1 out of 5 Stars


Eighteen year-old Evan and his best friend, Davis, get beaten up for being loners. For being gay. For just being themselves. But as rough as things often seem, at least Evan can take comfort in his sweet, sexy boyfriend Erik--whom he’s kept secret from everyone for almost a year. 

Then Evan and Davis are recruited to join the Chasers, a fringe crowd that promises them protection and status. Davis is swept up in the excitement, but Evan is caught between his loyalty to Davis and his love for Erik. Evan’s lied to keep his two worlds separate. Now his lies are about to implode…and destroy the very relationships he’s been trying to protect.


I am not one to leave a book unfinished but I just couldn't keep reading anymore. I made it to page 234 until I had it up to here of how the story was going in circles.

This story is about a gay boy named Evan and he doesn't know how to incorporate everyone in his life together. Evan gets a boyfriend but keeps him a secret and because of that it's starting to destroying his 1 year relationship with his boyfriend. His boyfriend Erik doesn't want to be a secret anymore but is letting himself be the secret for so long. 

Evan is losing his best friend Davis to another person who doesn't mean like a good guy at all named Sable but Davis is oblivious to anything. Davis is following Sable and it causes not only Davis and Evan involved in situations that are now involving the police but a group of other gay boys too.

This story is just so frustrating to read. For example Evan had a feeling from the first time he met Sable that there was something off about him but he still decided to do what Sable told him to do and NO ONE in this "chasers" group is able to speak up to this Sable guy and stand up for themselves. 

Evan is torn about what to do with Erik. Evan doesn't know where he wants to go. Chicago? New York? Cali? But Evan doesn't want to think about it so he never makes a decision and makes another round to connect the circle... Which this situation comes up over and over again.

I expected this book to be better, I wanted to read this for such a long time and I couldn't even get through it. I'm just happy I didn't buy this book and borrowed it from the library.

Thanks for reading!

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