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So, two weeks ago I realized that Alexa Chung had wrote a book and I saw the cover for the first time and I obsessively wanted to get my hands on it. And the funny thing is that I had heard that she was working on writing a book but clearly I didn't pay attention to what I heard.

Anyways, after searching for anything about Chung's new book and watching interviews and such I went out and bought the light pink hardcover book and I read it the next day completely during my commute and I loved it in a diary/get a look into Chung's head kind of way.

Was I or am I the only one that enjoyed this book so much just because it was from Chung's perspective? No, I was since other people on goodreads had 5 star rated it... Moving on.

Synopsis and review are down below!

Taken from Goodreads

The darling of the fashion world and co-host of the music TV show Fuse News shares her inspirations, musings, and her own very personal and eclectic style

With influences that range from the sultry beauty of Jane Birkin to the rocker chic of Mick Jagger, it’s no wonder that everything worn by Alexa Chung instantly becomes the latest trend. Already a hugely popular television personality and a muse for Marc Jacobs and Karl Lagerfeld, Chung is now a co-anchor of the nightly music show Fuse News, covering today’s hottest acts and entertainment news. Chung’s first book, It, provides her legion of fans with a long-awaited inside look at her fascinating world.

A wholly unique collection of Chung’s personal writings, drawings, and photographs, It covers everything from her candid thoughts on life, love, and music to her favorite ensembles and how to decide what to wear in the morning. With Chung’s characteristic wit, charm, and refreshingly down-to-earth attitude, this full-color compendium is a must-have for anyone who loves fashion, music, and just about everything Alexa Chung. (From Goodreads)


I read this during my commute too and from the office. It was entertaining and it was cool to read about what Alexa Chung likes, thinks and how she goes about her life. 

Obviously this isn't a complex book and I feel people are critiquing this as if it was suppose to be. The only thing I would have wanted from this book would be dates and locations to justify the random pictures everywhere throughout the book. 

As a Chung fan and I believe this was a book I had to read and want as a table display. I also adore the pink hardback, the cover and spine.

Thanks for reading! 

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